Saturday, February 12, 2011

In Preparation …

So as we have been combing over different sources of information on farming and self-sufficiency we have come across many concepts or ideas that at least deserve some real world test runs.  The list is of considerable length and with my blood thickening due to a lack of activity and creativity I need to see what I can play around with.  Though, without being on the farm, most of the stuff we want to experiment with will have to wait.  Nevertheless, on this beautiful winter day with outside temps in the low 30’s we have our first opportunity to do a family project.

Laundry soap is an expense that if could be avoided then that’s a good day.  A foundational concept that supports a self-sufficient life style is, “A penny saved is a penny earned”.  So no more laundry soap in the Williams home!  Okay, so you can figure out how long that idea would be supported by the lady of the house.  Just leaving it out and hoping for the best, just wont cut it.  No worries, laundry soap is really just a simple chemistry project.  One that even the total amount of money spent on the bulk ingredients and supplies to create will cost less than one commercially available bottle.  As well as produce 10 times the amount of soap.  Add to that the benefit of having a fun simple project to busy the kids and you have moved from being monetarily conscious to plain cool (well at least as far as my science minded daughter is concerned).  Oh and it is a laundry soap that, if it where packaged and sold at the store, would probably have the H.E. symbol (High Efficiency) printed all over it.  A soap perfect for those new front loading machines!

I’ll leave the step by step and ingredients for the project on the pages that I found it  No need for redundancy.  My factual input would be this:

- Supplies:  soap, borax, soda, and a bucket with lid = $12.51
- Time to complete: 20 to 30 min. (including cleanup)
- Difficulty:  1 easy to 5 hard  = 1

The first batch should do about 60 loads of laundry so the take on performance will probably be about a month out.  Can’t wait can ya!

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  1. First load has been run with the new homemade laundry soap. The outcome was great. I need to go spend a day in the backyard and get some truly dirty cloths and see what we get. I really don't see any reason why the soap will not perform or even out perform the store bought stuff.