Sunday, June 5, 2011

On your mark… get set… Wait!

I may or may not have articulated my expectations clearly enough a while back.  Yet, I knew that making the choice to lease back the farm to the previous owners while they build a new home would eventually bring with it some regret. It’s the nature of the beast.  The reality is still that the financial and seasonal benefits where too good to not do a lease back.  But rational ideas often give way to, “but if I were there now” kind of thoughts.

   One thing that runs strong and deep within me is the desire to just go and do.  Planning, reading, and what have you, is all good, but hands on is how I learn best.  I am a patient man to some extent (more so than some, less than others) but at the end of that road is pure go.  Not suggesting this is proper. Patience should probably be without end, but that’s not how this fish is fried.  I bring this up right now because: One, I have nothing else to do.  Second, as anticipated, the patience has made its way to the end of the road and the need for get-r-dun is gearing up.  The depletion of patience has hit earlier than expected.  The summer weather and long days are having more pull on me than I accounted for.  The current need to make hay or at least mow off the pasture is just feeding pure go juice right into the blood…  So I type so as to maybe redirect some go juice.

Slow and steady wins the race…  so long as we can stay the course!

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  1. At least you've acknowledged where your desire to "go and do" comes from. Secretly mow the lawn at night when no one's looking. Then, in the morning, act surprised. That might help burn off some of that urge.