Monday, June 20, 2011

So what, its just a name?

   As it turns out, Stone Meadow, the long desired name that we wanted to use for our estate, hovel, farm...  whatever we ended up with has become too common for our liking.  From the start (some 6 years ago) it looked like that name was going to be difficult to run with.  It was already very used in one form or another.  There was still some room at the Stone Meadow table, but it was getting quite cozy, and you know me... I don't play well with others :)
   Off and on we played with other possibilities but nothing really made us smile.  After all, the Stone Meadow name had several reasons behind it.  I really like the symbolism of an old stacked stone wall.  The States don’t have as great a tie to the stone wall as the UK, but even here a stone wall carries an image of strength, longevity, security and so forth. 
stack stone 2
   Also, stone holds close to the word rock and we are told to build our home upon the Rock.  We really appreciate this inclusion of our faith and beliefs in the name of our farm.  I even have future plans for some stacked stones as a reminder of Who's love got us to where we are. There are a few others reasons for the use of Stone Meadow, but I think the point has been made.  We had settled on a name and a replacement was going to be hard to live with. 
   A few nights back we where attempting to come up with a suitable replacement. Somewhat bogged down in disappointment and frustration, I was not being very creative.  My beloved Buttercup however, was almost invigorated by the challenge to one up our original choice.  Within a few short minutes she had done just that.  The word "stone" in Hebrew is the English word "even."  Even Meadow is a name that easily conveys consistency and strength and when tied to the Hebrew meaning, the stone foundation is still there, even more so!
   This quickly brought us to the conclusion of our search for a name. A name that carries with it the weight that we feel puts forth a true first impression of what we are striving for in life.  It also retains a little intrigue and mystery, and I like that.  So you may continue to find your way to our blog and such as you were, or you may now end up at the same place (It's the maze of technology, it will never let you go!) by going to One more piece of the puzzle is in place.  We hope the new name sits well with all… We like it!

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