Sunday, June 12, 2011

Too much free time for my own good?

As a side effect of my postponed farming adventure and extended research period, I feel that I may have to resort to some amount of pontificating and "Soap Box" utilization.  For this I apologize...  then again not so much!  May the truth set you free!

   As the current meal maker for the family (for the time being anyway, my wife is a much better cook).  I am beginning to find it more and more difficult to be comfortable with the food that I am preparing.  As an example:  Baked chicken breast with sauteed mixed vegetables and perrogies.  This was dinner last night.  This meal, at its roots, was a meal of meat, potatoes and veggies.  So what could be the hang up?  The mixed veg where even a very quality blend of green beans, summer squash, red and yellow carrots and red peppers (all natural by the way, what ever that means).  Here is the hang up, plain and simple.

   We prepare and serve meals like this on a daily basis.  Patting ourselves on the back and even at times allowing for a few moments of superiority.  A superiority based on our healthy home cooked meal and the shun of prepackaged over processed junk.  The rub is that the chicken in this meal is just as over processed.  Not just as a cut of meat, but as an animal.  I'll spare you the Tyson Chicken horror details.  Next up is the veggies. These are all out of season and probably shipped in form Argentina or something.  All perfect in color with a crisp blemish free taste.  You don't get that without some synthetic assistance.    The perrogies (a stuffed pasta filled with potato, really good by the way)  are sadly a frozen pre-made favorite of mine.  Most likely not that bad, but then I am not going to read the label.  A man needs his comfort food!  Ignorance is bliss.

  Hearing people say things like, 10 percent of a store bought chicken's weight is just "Fecal Soup."  Makes that slightly odd odor that first hits you at cooking time a bit alarming.  Why does my chicken give off a slightly  chlorinated poo smell at the first sizzle in the pan!??  I have, in the passed, questioned whether or not I can be the guy that can kill and clean a chicken.  However, if I can cook and eat a piece of toxic meat that smells of chlorine and poo, I think I can tackle the very natural process of evisceration.  And hey, aren't we buying our chicken by the pound?  So the chicken people are cleverly charging us for their toxic waste removal,  10 percent of a chicken breast at a time.  So waste disposal is now being called chicken broth!

   Can I be a farmer?  Who knows!  Only time will tell.  The better question is can we live with ourselves if I don't try?  As parents we raise our kids to eat their veggies and be thankful for what is on their plate.  But can we honestly require that of our kids if we aren't putting healthy quality food in front of them.  Just to make myself clear...  I believe that a good portion of what we are feeding our families is killing them.

   Many years from now I hope to be able to look back and say that I was part of what some are calling a revolution in the food industry.    It's not a new movement. It just one that is picking up a lot of momentum.  Ask questions and inform yourself. because at some point this food stuff is going to come home to roost!  I am for the first time in my life associated with the fringe, right wing lunitics... where do you stand?

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