Sunday, July 3, 2011

Shock and Awe!

Information in and education out!  This, I feel will be what keeps me sane.  The driving force for beginning this sustainable, clean, healthy food adventure was born mostly out of what I call, “the shock and awe” that hits when you initially take a look at how and from where, our food is being produced.
   This blind siding of dramatic, disturbing, negative vocabulary and imagery is just that… NEGATIVE.  It stirs a complacent culture to take a closer look into the idyllic settings that we ourselves have presumed to be at least somewhat true, and that the industrial food system has been glad to let us hold on to, if not also help along.  To this end the negative shock and awe is useful… but after we are stirred to investigate our food system we must push past the drama.  The real eye opening to be had in this food adventure is the amazing alternatives that have been growing and developing on the outskirts of agriculture.  As well as, the hopefulness that these alternatives can displace a now decaying industrial food system.
   The era we find ourselves in today is one where we can experience more truly the good things in life.  Things that where naturally present in our grandparents days, but maybe not so much across the board.  Information spread today has evened out the field a bit.  With the big little world we live in today and with a little work, I believe simple healthy living can be had by most.  Nostalgia is not so much what I am getting at. The term nostalgia describes a yearning for the past, often in idealized form.   Here we are looking toward a more tangible realistic outcome.  We can return to the qualities of food known by our relatives (cognitively or not) with a simplified return to nature and a few modern conveniences that will help increase productivity,quality and availability.  All while improving our environment.
   Actually having the benefits of whole natural food, and not just knowing what they were, could revolutionize our quality of life.  Benefits that are an almost endless list of POSITIVES!
    • The health and vitality of a proper complete diet
    • The real taste of Animal:
      Beef, pork, chicken and more.  All naturally lean and full of nutrients.
    • The real taste of Vegetable:
      Sweeter, juicer, and loaded with health and healing.
    • Milk and eggs of astounding quality and nourishment.
    • The vitamins and minerals we need in balance with the nutrients our bodies need to utilize those vitamins.
    • The removal of toxins and deficiencies that weaken and kill us.
    • Renewed strength and quality in our soil and environment.
    • Animals content and living as designed.  Strong, self sustaining and enjoyable.
    • Opportunities to utilize waste and offal that can decrease or even remove our dependency on finite resources.
    • Superior solutions to life threatening side effects of mechanization and industrialization.
    • Employment, health, wealth, purpose, community, diversity, balance, geographic individuality…  
   Like I said, the list could go on and on.  However, here is where we must temper the idea with reality.  There is no free lunch.  If you have not yet learned that, take it to heart now.  The cost of the good ole days is genuine real honest effort and a life long goal of learning and improvement.  There is no magic pill or special tool.  This too is an advantage!  With a push for real whole food comes the opportunity to empower and employ.  At some point I think, as with our food system, the value of a quality pair of helping hands is going to see a renewed importance!
   So as you get sideswiped with the news of food and animal related disease and complications, jump from there with a sense of purpose and resolve.  Educate yourself.  Then if you can’t produce the clean, whole food yourself,  then support a local farm that can.  And as Joel Salatin would say, “Vote with your dollars” for the sustainable minded food production model that meshes fully with your ideas of quality, happy, healthy food.   God willing, in the near future you will be welcome to step onto our farm and experience the best of the best that our local farm can provide!

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